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Schedule for “Cynical GDC 2017”

Presented without further comment or context (and in contrast to my last post), a list of keynote speech topics for next years sponsored event, Cynical GDC:

  • Non-Mobile Mobile Games: Taking Mobile Gaming Out of the Mobile Space
  • Analytics and You: A Dramatic Reading of 300 different numbers
  • You Can’t Spell Diversity without V-R*
  • How to Break Out of the Game Industry
  • “Why Are You Here?”: “I’ve Already Done the Stuff I’m Going to Talk About.”
  • Mobile Home Gaming: Taking Home Gaming into the Mobile Space: Concerns about VR Power Consumption and Solar Panels
  • The Vive-Compatible Barf Bag: A VR Peripheral Post-Mortem
  • How to Break Into (the Houses of People in) The Games Industry: Funding Alternatives for Startups
  • Immobile Mobile Games: Design Constraints for an iPad Title That Must Be played On My Dad’s iPad, Which He Only Ever Keeps in the Basement, and calls “The Little Computer.”
  • Final Fantasy X HD: The HD Remake: HD : Predicting hardware specifications of the next 3 console generations
  • 10 Ways Integrating Social Media Strategy Helped Market My Game: Number 4 Will Shock you!
  • Dear God Help Me Break Out of The Game Industry
  • Thinking Ahead: Optimizing Your Game Design Process to Be Invited to Speak at GDC
  • Creating A New Class of Consumer: Game Design Benefits for Diamond-Encrusted VR Headsets
  • Re-Mobilizing Mobile Games: Taking Mobile Gaming Back Into the Mobile Space: For too Long We Have Done without.
  • Profiting From Early Access: How to Make Money Fast and Get Out Quick
    (Talk begins 2019).


*This joke was shared with me by the brilliant Jill Murray (@codejill). Respect where its due.


On Categorizing Literally Everything

I am currently in the process of writing out a Twine story about cleaning up the apartment of a recently deceased friend. It was brought to my attention by a friend that this may be a slightly more traumatic experience than I had previously assumed, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to do a number of things: design a game, start a blog about game design, and unpack the unfathomable.

As I’m writing this, my first post, I think a lot about the starkness of the theme I chose or the tone I’m trying to write in, right now, for whatever reason. I think it’s okay.

I laboured over a good name, a good theme, and a good identity for a lot of things I’ve done in my life. I think I’ve never started an endeavour without knowing what it is going to be called; I want this to be different. I want this to be a place where I can go. While I know that “Destroy Object” is a bitchin’ name, I think it means a little more to me than just that.

I have the Twine story broken down into categories, like a design document or a vertical slice. There are locations, tangents, lists, items, and anecdotes. They all sit on different rows, which I think is a useful way to make a Twine story. Use the space they provide you to organize your thoughts. Locations, tangents, lists, items, and anecdotes all have different functions, and as I unpack the events themselves, it helps me to see it all there plainly, broken down by category, and stripped to the bones.